Can I purchase a Toyota vehicle directly from the manufacturer?

No. The manufacturer appoints official distributors in each country for Toyota and Hino vehicles.

What type of vehicles do we sell?

Ranging from small passenger up to large SUVs, utility & commercial vehicles. We have a wide range of products available specifically designed for local conditions.

What is QDR?

QDR forms part of TOYOTA’s DNA. It defines the brand and means Quality, Durability & Reliability.

Do our vehicles come with warranty?

Official vehicles purchased from Toyota come with a 100 000km or 3 year warranty, whichever comes first. The vehicle warranty does not cover normal wear and maintenance items. Toyota Vehicles brought in from other countries are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty terms and conditions can be found in the Toyota Owner’s Manual. For further Toyota warranty information, please contact your Toyota dealer.

How long does it take for a vehicle to arrive in the country once ordered?

Three to six months from the production date. If the stock is in country delivery may be done within 21 working days. The time needed can vary based on custom clearance, payment of taxes, documentation and registration of the vehicles.

Are Toyota vehicles expensive?

Prices differ due to varied specifications. Local currency strength and the tax components play a major role in final pricing. All our vehicles are carefully selected to suite local conditions with intrinsic value built into the design to withstand the harsh conditions of our terrain and climate, contributing to peace of mind motoring.


Do you supply parts for Japanese imported Toyota Vehicles?

Yes, we do. Popular parts are kept in stock. Others may require ordering and these can take some time depending on their origin.

Are Toyota genuine parts competitive in price?

Yes. Toyota genuine parts are designed with quality and durability assured.

Non-genuine parts may seem attractive due to favorable pricing, but they may cost more in the long run.

Why should I buy genuine parts?

Genuine Toyota parts are designed precisely for your Toyota vehicle. Use of Toyota Genuine Parts will ensure your vehicle’s condition, performance, warranty and resale value are conserved.

Designed and tested to manufacturer specifications, there is no better option than Toyota Genuine Parts in terms of fit, performance and overall quality.

Toyota Genuine Parts carry a 6 month warranty from date of purchase, terms and conditions apply.

The fitment of non-genuine parts will void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty.

Contact our parts team for any further information.

What is a VIN and where can I find it on my vehicle?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a sequence of 17 alphanumeric characters used to identify your vehicle. The VIN on vehicles purchased prior to 1992 may consist of fewer digits. The VIN is located on a label either on the driver’s or passenger’s side door frame. On the left side dashboard near or under the bottom portion of the windshield. The VIN can also be found on the vehicle registration documents.


I've just taken ownership of a used Toyota vehicle, what do I do?

Take your vehicle for a comprehensive safety check at any of our service centers. This will allow us to inspect the condition of your new ride and update your details so we may contact you with any important information concerning your vehicle. It is also important to start a maintenance history with us which will ensure reliability and conserve the value of your vehicle. It is important that you confirm the update of ownership with the authorities.

Is Toyota’s Service competitive in price?

Yes. Our Service Centers provide excellent and price competitive servicing when you consider the benefits of having your vehicle serviced by Toyota trained technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to fix problems first time. We use Toyota genuine parts, and our facilities are equipped with specialized tools and other equipment to provide your vehicle with the very best service.

What are routine vehicle maintenance services?

These are factory-recommended services that help prevent major issues from occurring on your vehicle. Routine vehicle maintenance services take place after every 5,000 kilometers or 6 months whichever comes first. These services are the key to your vehicle having a prolonged and healthy lifespan and will reduce the possibility of unexpected high repair bills in the future.

How long does it take for my vehicle to be serviced?

Depending on the maintenance service required, it ranges between one (1) to eight (8) hours with a prior appointment. Walk-in scheduled maintenance service can take longer if the required parts are not in stock. Time required for General Repairs will vary greatly in time required to complete based on what needs to be done, your Service Advisor will advise you based on the diagnosis performed by the Service Centre.

Why should I service with Toyota?

We ensure that your vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with Toyota’s exacting standards and always use genuine Toyota parts. Servicing at a Toyota approved workshop also provides advantages for you, and your Toyota:


  • Timed appointment with promise time delivery
  • Appointment confirmation prior to your visit
  • Accurate quotation with no hidden cost
  • No work is carried out without consent
  • Warranty on workmanship and parts


  • Exclusive use of Toyota Genuine Parts
  • Professional, Toyota trained Technicians
  • Toyota approved diagnostic equipment
  • Vehicle body repairs and painting.
  • Access to the latest technologies and developments

Customer relationship

Does Toyota engage in any corporate social initiatives?

Toyota has implemented a holistic approach of living and prospering together with people and the society. The Corporate Social Responsibility policy harmoniously combines the business philosophy of Toyota entities with government and non-governmental organizations as well as communities to provide support in education, healthcare, welfare, environmental conservation, sports and safety.

How can I give my customer experience feedback to Toyota?

Toyota believes in the philosophy of Customer First.

The customer is the reason for our existence hence your voice and general feedback is very important to us, because it helps us improve and serve you better.

To give us such feedback, please contact our Customer Relations team.