Genuine Cabine Air Filter

Genuine Cabine Air Filter
2020, January 21

Genuine Cabin Air Filter


When you buy your new Toyota vehicle, you receive an original air filter accompanied by a pollen filter.  Just like an ordinary air conditioner at home, your Toyota vehicle has an air filter for the passenger cabin, called the Cabin Air Filter, which purifies the air in the passenger cabin and has many other advantages:



• Removes dust, pollen and other unwanted particles from the outside air before it enters the cabin.

• Purifies the recirculated air inside your vehicle.

• Reduces problems related to allergies.

• Protects the components of your air-conditioner.

• Eliminates exhaust gas odors and other unpleasant odors.

• Prevents the accumulation of harmful substances which corrode the parts of the air conditioner.



Since it is not possible to clean all the dirt from the pollen filter, you risk damaging it if you try to clean it and this can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner.

In addition, if you are using an old pollen filter, it will be clogged with dust and pollen, which will also affect the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Therefore, it is important to replace your pollen filter regularly - every 10,000 km or 5,000 km under severe conditions of use.


If you bought a non-genuine pollen filter to save money, it may look the same as the original, but it does not offer the same filtering performance. Non-genuine pollen filters only contain one layer of filter material, so they clog up twice as fast compared to an original Toyota cabin air filter. 


Only genuine Toyota parts bring you real value and cannot endanger your health or the operation of your vehicle.





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